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- Just together - PV




Message n°1

Just together

              The temperature was starting to getting louder tonight, but it wasn't very bothering anymore. The thing who was really bothering however, was probably that my eyelids were even more louder than the temperature itself; though our window, the sky was slowly evolving in a darker way, sublty telling us to go to sleep. But it didn't seem to disturb my raven anyway. He was always get able to see new stuffs everyday, in this usual landscape who serve us as a refuge. Actually, I was kind of the same too; this place at the end of the corridor always had this really special atmosphere, especially when he's at my side. Maybe because it always remind me our first meeting like it was yesterday. A yesterday so far away, but so close at the same time.

I keep to yawn or softly pull down his arm, but it's pretty hard for me to break our precious silence and take him out from his contemplation. My eyes were always hypnotised by his expression when he was staring at the horizon, and it blocked any of my move. So, finally, I decide to shrug with a malicious smile.

"Ok, then.", and after a little nudge, I jump off the balcony by laugthing loudly; "Tag you're it !"

Running happily like a rabbit escaping to his hunter, I arrive at the door of my room (who became our room with the time) and enter in the piece the more faster that I could. I was probably very noisy for the hour but I didn't really care; there was no keeper in the wing for the moment and we needed to enjoy it quickly before they came back. Without much reflexion, I try to search a nice spot for me to hide; I admit that it wasn't really original to choose under the sheets of the bed, but whatever. I didn't had much of time.
I totally cover myself with the blankets and force my body to be as flat as the mattress. I was even controlling my breath for me to not make any suspect sound.

I was invisible ~ …I thought.

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Message n°2

Just together

I was staring at the distant line of the ocean, in this falsely serene atmosphere . The air was dense, as dense as my heart in those twisted times. These last days, since the Big Penalty… nothing would ever be the same for the patients roaming the corridors of the Institute. Everything was fear, distrust and darkness. In the middle of this scary, pitch black fog, was held my candle and its reassuring heat. Unstable, she was, yet held in front of me, always. Enlightening my path, with strength and gentleness. Against each other, perched as two sparrows at the edge of our window, we let the setting sun shade our faces in the colors of twilight. I felt Swann’s hand pushing down on my sleeve, trying to get my attention. I let our eyes meet, emerging from my dream to fall again in his haunting gaze.

"Ok, then.", I watched him flutter off the balcony, his laugh filling the corridor - and my empty heart- with awe. "Tag you're it !"

I looked at my beautiful friend, and suddenly realized which role I was just attributed. My oh so familiar melancholy lifted like a breeze, as a surprised smile took shape on my mouth. I dashed in pursuit of the little bird who tried to escape me. He had taken the lead and had left taking refuge in his room ; our nest even since that night we shared after the girl’s murder. My home was where Swann was, and I didn’t want to leave any more her side, her comfort.

I entered the room, closing the door slowly behind me. I was breathless, and chuckeled out, guessing the silhouette of Swann under the sheets. He really was invisible.

« Oh my, t'is unfortunate. »
I muttered « Where did my birdy go, I wonder ? »

Leaving the door, I crossed my arms in my back and walked slowly toward the familiar form on the bed, a smile on my face.

…safe….tucked away…where is…..she..

The voices had made soft in presence of my artificial angel. I didn’t hear more than whispers from them…and what I did hear in the quietest of moments wasn’t so hostile anymore. They had adopted him, at last. All my being, up to the smallest nook of my brain embraced its presence. Demanded it.

«  I guess I’ll sit on this EMPTY bed, and wait. » I proclaimed, restraining a joyful laughter.

I pounced on the bed like I would have done coming home after an exhausting day, the weight of my body overpowering Swann’s. The subtile perfume of my angel was filling the room, the sheets and the pillows.
Getting me drunk in his scent, it felt just like falling head over heels again.

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Message n°3

Just together

              When I heard the slam of a door, I knew that it was the moment for holding back my breath. Only the one of my crow filled the room, and it was easy to guess his exhaustion. Maybe I shouldn't have made him run like that, but to be honest, the situation was a bit funny for me.

"Oh my, t'is unfortunate. Where did my birdy go, I wonder ?"

It was so hard to contain my laugh; I put a hand on my mouth while my back couldn't stop to make little bumps under the sheets. My plan seemed to work so perfectly. Slowly, I decide to bring my fingers closer from the pillows, preparing a new offensive. I predicted the progress of his presence towards me, step by step. It became so usual to experiencing this sensation, of having him at my side. Even if I was unable see my raven, It was easy to visualise his body from his feets to his head ; from his sweet look, to the frequency of his sighs.

Should I attack now?

"I guess I’ll sit on this EMPTY bed, and wait."
"...Uh ?! No ! No no no no no-"

I didn't had the time for turning back that I suddenly felt his entire mass crashing down on me; my groan of surprise became quickly a childish laughter. His contact was always like a warm and reassuring hug; I could ear both of our hearts pulsate stronger with this proximity. A melody which was more soothing than confusing for me; I interpreted it like a sign of adrenaline and declared merrily :

"Ha ha ! Pirates are berthing ! Evacuate the ship !"

It would be cool to defend myself by any way, but my back was totally blocked by his chest. I didn't had many choices. With a bit of strengh, I pushed on my hands for me toggle, despite of the wildcat who as took up residence on my shoulders. This fool of me realised that it wasn't the best solution  only when we fell down on the floor, accompanying some blankets and hassock in our tumble.
That should have been hurtful, but I couldn't stop laughting so hard. I was moving, for me to being above him; hardly he had the time to recover than my silhouette was overlapping his thinny hips. I snuggle my head against his breast and start vainly to tickle his ribs. But...surprisingly, he didn't react with any chortle.

I was pretty worried by his silence, so my head naturally rose to face him. Then, I noticed how my eyelashes could fondle his cheek so much we were close; I backed up my face in order to discover again how hypnotising was the darkness of his eyes. The wind who escaped from his lips were like a soft breeze, gently crushing on mine.
A stupid smile came illuminate my expression full of candorness. Taking a sheet who was hanging on the flooring not far from here, I cover his head with, and imitate the hoarse voice of an old man ;

"You're a bit tired, Captain. Don't you?"

My gaze was shining because of the fascination he was awekening on me, just by being here. I didn't care why, but I just wanted this moment to last forever.

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